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In The News:


Ashgrove is Jaunting Around Germany!

Yodel for your strudel, rock with Bach, or polka with a stuffed bear, as you frolic around Ashgrove's Deutschland. Hit a bulls-eye with our Huntsmen, match wits with Einstein, build your team to conquer the Alps, Go Green with Nature, and twist Brothers Grimms stories while cranking a frosty treat. Join the fun! Ashgrove's Wunderbar Adventure!

This is also Ashgrove's 40th Year!


Say "Guten Tag!" to Ashgrove's new pair of Directors, Tweety and Bean

Tweety & Bean




Calling all adults!

We are still looking for unit leaders who want to share the joy of the outdoors with campers at Ashgrove. You can't make it because of other commitments? Do you know anyone who would love to join us?

Our application can be found HERE.


Training schedule change!

All adults should note the following change to our training schedule:

Thursday, May 21 is now BYOBB - note, this is the night that has traditionally been Show & Tell

Thursday, June 4 is now Show & Tell AKA "All Camp Kick-Off" - note, all camp adults and aides are expected to attend this training


Website Updates:

Ashgrove has just finished a major server migration. We believe all the dust has settled, but if you experience any missing files or other problems, please let the webmistress know.



last updated 5/17/2015