Ashgrove Adventure

Down Yonder Green Valley / Where Streamlets Meander


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Eager to hear the theme for next summer's camp? Stay tuned!

The theme will be announced at the Task Group meeting on Sept. 18, 6:30-8:30 PM


Fantasy, Fun and Far Away Worlds: Ashgrove Adventure!

Join Ashgrove's Fantasy Adventure where unicorns, fairies, dragons and other mystical creatures come alive! Thrive in OP's swamp of no despair, our challenge-by-choice course, including new elements for older campers. Practice your archery skills in our enchanted forest. Weave a never-ending story while you crank your own ice cream. Master questing skills to cook your own meal. Explore the beauty of Nature in our fantasy world searching for gnome homes in the woods. Dance or raise your voice in song with our Girl Scout bards and balladeers. Mystify friends and enjoy the wonder and science of magic. Gather your experiences together as you imagine and then bring your own fantastical story to life on stage. Come enjoy the thrill and magic of Ashgrove's Fantasy world and BELIEVE!




"Even the smallest person can change the future."
-- Galadriel

Thank you to all our adult staff and aides for the magic that you brought to camp. It was a great six days! And a special thank you to our fearless and fun-loving directors!
















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