Ashgrove Adventure

Down Yonder Green Valley / Where Streamlets Meander


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Wonder why people volunteer at Ashgrove Adventure? FIND OUT!


Ashgrove's Island Adventure

Come sail away on our Island Hopping 9-day Tour around the world. Navigate a primary island and learn survival skills to create your own paradise. Weave and perform stories of island nations while bedecked in hand crafted items from nature's bounty. Master team building as you zip, swing, climb, and island hop through our challenge course, and then cool off while cranking ice cream and sharing island tales. Develop your aim as an archer with age appropriate activities, investigating how islands are born and then spread your wings to learn about Crowell nature. Sing traditional Girl Scout songs, get your Island Groove on, and move to the rhythm of the islands at Ashgrove Adventure Day Camp.


Ashgrove Adventure 2016 will be a 9-day camp, from June 27-July 8 with a 3-day weekend for the 4th of July

Camp Set-up: June 23-June 26, 8PM-3PM

Cook-out Training: June 25, 9:30AM-2:30PM

Orientation: June 26, 3PM-5PM

Camp Overnight: June 30-July 1

Camp Clean-Up: July 9th, 8AM-finish






Adult volunteer applications are now open! For preferred placement, submit by February 29th. Apply HERE

Camp aide applications are now open and the deadline has been extended. For more information, contact the Directors or apply HERE.

Open camper registration begins February 10th through the GSCNC registration website.


Future Training Dates:

  • Center Meeting: 3/31/16, 6-9PM, Firefly Lodge
  • New Leader Orientation: 4/14/16, 6-9PM, Ashgrove Lodge
  • New Aide Meeting: 4/10/16, 3:30-7PM, Firefly Lodge
  • Unit Meeting: 5/5/16, 6-9PM, Firefly Lodge
  • Mini Meetings: 5/9/16, 5/11,16, 5/17/16, 6-9PM, Firefly Lodge
  • Enrichment Roundup (formerly BYOBB): 5/19/16, 6-9PM, Firefly Lodge
  • All Camp Kick-off (formerly Show & Tell): 6/2/16, 7-9PM, Firefly Lodge/Amphitheatre



























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